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Raphael “RJ” Javid — Why He Sold His Law Firm

Tue. Oct 6, 2020  |  General

Personal injury lawyer Raphael Javid (who many affectionately know as RJ) joins host Benjamin Smith for a scintillating and wide-ranging conversation that considers both law and life.

On the law side, RJ was a founding partner of what became a successful, large-scale personal injury law firm. After doing that, RJ went out on his own again so that he could focus on handling a smaller portfolio of complex injury cases. In doing so, he has personally found joy in the nitty-gritty practice of law after spending years managing other lawyers in a larger firm.

On the life side, Benjy and RJ talk about loftier ideas like meditation and positivity, comfort versus happiness, trusting one’s own instincts, and simultaneously pursuing career passions and outside interests. RJ and Benjy also talk about RJ’s eclectic music playlist.

LawFlip Episode 38 – Raphael “RJ” Javid – Why He Sold His Law Firm