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About Us 

The Javid Trial Firm has a simple philosophy: We only represent clients whose cases we would take to trial. We specialize in catastrophic personal injury litigation which means almost all our clients are referred to us by other law firms who need a higher skill set of experience to effectively represent their clients. Unlike most firms that primarily represent auto accident victims, our experience covers a wide range of accidents from product defect and government liability, to complicated construction accidents involving multiple layers of defendants.

The senior trial attorney for the firm is Raphael Javid who has been at the forefront of the personal injury arena for the past two decades. Having founded BD&J one of the most successful personal injury law firms in California history he established himself early in his career as a pioneer in the field. Raphael founded The Javid Trial Firm to focus solely on his passion for trial advocacy and representing catastrophic victims of complex accidents for whom the path to justice is always the most difficult. The firm only accepts a limited number of cases at any given time so that each client’s matter is handled with the attention, respect and priority it deserves.