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Raphael “RJ” Javid — Why He Sold His Law Firm

Tue. Oct 6, 2020  |  General

Personal injury lawyer Raphael Javid (who many affectionately know as RJ) joins host Benjamin Smith for a scintillating and wide-ranging conversation that considers both law and life. On the law side, RJ was a founding partner of what became a successful, large-scale personal injury law firm. After doing that, RJ […]

Raphael D. Javid – On Call With Dr. Drew

Tue. Oct 6, 2020  |  General

Los Angeles personal injury lawyer Raphael D. Javid appears on On Call With Dr. Drew with his clients, the family members of Phillip Moreno. Moreno was a 31-year old man who was killed in Torrance, CA by a drunk driver, Sherri Wilkins, whom herself was a drug and alcohol abuse […]